Im really wanting to buy a home. I have a great solid job with 6 figure income but due to credit history my scores are around a 570 for mortgage lenders. My mom and dad said they would cosign for me. They have great carrers and great credit. Will that help me get approved for a mortgage. Thanks




Thank you for posting in the Community. USAA considers many different factors when reviewing an application for a mortgage loan. In order to discuss your options, please contact a mortgage specialist at 210-531-USAA (8722). Thank you. -Gus

@kbot   before you consider USAA mortgage, take some time to read the posts on this website.  You may want to reconsider using USAA and work with a local bank or credit union.


On a personal level, I refinanced with USAA and it was very disorganized and it should have been a no brainer.  Credit scores in our family at the time - near 800, assets in USAA accounts at the time close to 1M - much more in assets outside of USAA even though USAA never asked about  them - Husband's salary definitely at 6 figures and had been for 20+ years.  We were only asking for $200,000.  Have never  bounced a check, have never missed paying a bill (except when BillPay screwed up), and we pay every bill in full regardless if the balance due is $1 or $15000.  It was one problem after another.  So with our history it should have been a slam duck, but instead we were scrambling around until the very last minute to get this mortgage taken care of because USAA could not get their act together.    


 One thing that you will need to understand is that with your credit score you will pay a higher interest rate.