What type of credit score needed to buy your first home? What do they expect? Thanks.


Probably depends on the amount of the mortgage and the down payment that you are furnishing. Certainly a higher credit score may be advantageous, but there are other factors.


Borrowers with high credit scores tend to get lower interest rates on mortgages than borrowers with low credit scores.

  • A credit score of 740 or higher qualifies for the best interest rates from most lenders.
  • It is difficult, but possible, to get a mortgage with a credit score under 620.
  • The difference between the best and worst rates can vary by a full percentage point and a half.


Check this out: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/mortgages/how-credit-scores-impact-your-mortgage-rate-1.aspx


Thank you for posting in the Community! USAA considers many different factors when you apply for a mortgage loan. Although credit is a component which goes into our decision making, it is not the only factor we consider.


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