My husband and I want to get a home and were told we need a score of 620, but I am not sure which score is used. I heard FICO scores are used by most home loan lenders, and I have also heard they look at all of your credit scores and if at least one of them is 620 you are good to go, but I am not sure how true this is. Does anyone know which score is used for conventional loan?




  1. First of all, I don't know if you meant to ask about credit score requirements for a VA Loans or you truely meant to ask about the credit score requirements for Conventional Loans. Either way, I have an answer for you.

  2. I suggest you read this other USAA Member Community Post:

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    **Note: The LINK shown in Paragraph 3 of the above POST also has information about Conventional Loans.

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 I hope I have answered your question.