Confusion reigns about Debit cards with chips being usable in Italy and Greece

Have all the Chipped debit card software issues been "fixed" for international ATMs?


Several of my friends still had issues (could not withdraw funds) when they traveled to Italy and Greece

in December 2016. Fortunately they could do a workaround on their cruise ship but it wasn't easy. 

I thought USAA would have international usage requirements high on their prioritylist---after all that is where we get deployed!


Also much confusion about international ATM fees-----do members get reimbursed for fees at foreign bank ATMs or is it an ATM fee plus the 1% exchange fee?


Thank you for your help!


Thanks for reaching out, CAPT53. The issues with the foreign ATMs should be corrected, now. Please let your friends know that if they have any further issues, to please contact us immediately. As for the ATM fees, please know that transactions at ATMs located outside the United States may not be eligible for ATM usage fee refunds. Sometimes, we can't determine the fee amount. Foreign ATM transactions don't always give us what our system needs to send the amount withdrawn and the usage fee amount separately. I hope this clarifies your question. Thank YOU for your trust and loyalty. - Cathleen