I just want to start out by saying I have been a USAA member for over 10 years. I have had all my insurances and banking needs with them from car loans to car insurance to checking to major credit cards. I have always felt USAA had the best customer service and took good care of my needs, up until I tried to get a mortgage. I was preapproved with no problem and I have a high credit score and saved enough money for all the expenses. I gave my mortgage processor all the info she needed in detail but the week of my closing she was on vacation and no one was reviewing my application when she was away. She came back 2 days before my closing and called to tell me the application fell through with the under writer. With no real reason and no sympathy and no way to help me. When I told her I'd give a larger deposit and tried to figure out what really went wrong she basically rushed me off the phone and said I had to resubmit everything and start all over. 2 days before my closing I had to tell my 3 children we were homeless and couldn't move into our new house. Also mind you it was the week of Christmas. So now I have no home for my family and my active duty husband is getting read for leave in less then a month. I then proceeded with a mortgage broker who has helped my family beyond measures to get our home. We had to of course push the closing date back while my husband is away and I am on my own. In the process of transferring the appraisal over to my new helpful lender USAA refused to write a letter releasing the appraisal to them. A company that is founded on helping our military and their families refused to change a sentence in a letter and then proceeded to hang up on me. Now costing me more money on top of what they made me waste and the threat of getting my closing date pushed back yet again. Thanks USAA I've been a loyal member for 10 years and I'm married to a soldier and this was how I was treated.


That was a low blow...

Dear Kellie Marie,

Thank you for your ten years of membership. I have escalated your situation to a banking specialist who will further review your situation and reach out to you personally. Thank you.

I think I am about to get screwed.  I was told last Wednesday that I was cleared by underwriting.  Now, I am scheduled to close this Friday, 9 days after cleared by Underwriting.  I get a call today, Tuesday (my closing is 3 days away) and am told that Underwriting denied my loan?  WTF?  I havean 820 credit score, putting down a large amount. And they have known everything since the appraisal that was sent to me by USAA after they received it on June 8, 2016.  Now, with a closing in less than three days, I have to wait until tomorrow to see if Underwriting will change their mind after I clarified something in an email to the processor that she claims was given to her Director who is working with the Director of Underwriting to try to get it approved.  Talk about ridiculous.  I started this process in April, 2016 and now, 3 days before closing this happens.  I am sick to my stomach trying to figure out what to do.  There are pets involved that will have no place to stay, I have all my stuff that will have to be put in storage, the seller is moving out by Friday and the house will be in limbo with utilities and everything else.  USAA ****-up will end up costing me and others lots of extra money with the delay and now I have to get another mortgage somewhere else.  They are losing out on $200,000 in interest over the 30 year life of the loan.  Do they really care about veterans and members with over 20 years with them, I don't think so.  They should be bending over backwards for someone with my credit score and steady income and not a late payment ever in my life (I am 46).  Now I have to figure out the mortgage fiasco and then where to go get my auto and home insurance, move all my retirement accounts somewhere else, and set up direct deposit somewhere else and move all my money out of here.  They can prevent that and make money on interest if they just get their head out of their ***.  I have to wait until tomorrow morning (Wednesday, 2 days before the scheduled closing for a decision which everyone else is telling me underwriters never change their mind).  Well, wish me luck.