I was not aware of the poor reviews the USAA Mortgage department has received. Otherwise, my husband and I would have sought a mortgage from another company. However, we have been loyal members for many years and have been pleased with the service in banking, insurance, financial planning, etc. We  just assumed we could trust USAA with our mortgage application for the purchase of our first home. We were WRONG.


Today I was informed that we can not go to closing tomorrow because there was a discrepancy with the closing date. The contract, sent to our mortgage loan processor a month ago, clearly listed a closing date of 7/18. If that was a problem, we should have been notified before today (7/17).


I'm writing this in hopes that someone with authority will respond to my plea to get the paperwork completed because calls to my processor and her supervisor have gone unanswered. (I did receive one email saying she would call today, but never received the call.)




livid buyer,

I am very sorry for your negative experience with our mortgage department. Please email us at [expired email] with your member number and details of your situation so we can get a mortgage specialist in contact with you. We look forward to hearing from you.


I will be sending my information to the email address given as well. I have been a member for 30 years and have always had a positive experience. This time around, the service and response times from my mortgage advisor AND his supervisor have been appalling to say the least. I am suppose to close on the 28th but see that being delayed. I uploaded all the requested documents on 22 June. Yesterday (22 July!) my advisor FINALLY looked at them. When I callled him earlier in the week - he wasn't returning calls last week! - he started off by looking at the wrong status list. And he's the "person most familiar with my application" according to his voice mail greeting! I have attempted to contact his supervisor, leaving vmail several times but have yet to received a call back. Up to now, USAA has served me well since I joined in '83. IF this was my first experience with USAA, I don't think I would continue being a member!

I too am a 35 years member, having joined in 1981. I have a small loss to water in my home, a bathroom and the process has been ongoing for 9 months. I selected a contractor that is a "preferred USAA contractor"  as well. Nine months after my original claim I am living without a bathroom, USAA refuses to return my calls, the contractor will not start because USAA has not completed their estimating and I am aghast.


I wonder if anyone will read this comment and contact me.


I doubt it.


I can no longer recommend USAA and will be notifying my alumni association about the company.



We are having the same type of experience.  It really is upsetting to say the least.  And, of course, we have been trying to get a hold of someone at USAA to speak with since this morning.  I emailed our agent and did not hear back and now she's gone for the day.  I didn't get a call back from her manager after leaving a message yesterday.  I am currently on hold (gonig on 20 minutes) to try to find someone in that department who can help.  It really is unreal.  Our closing date had to be pushed back and then they said they want to bill us hundreds of dollars for extensions on the locked in rate because the appraiser they scheduled is untimely.  Seems like a convenient way for them to make money on extentions when they want to charge you for the appraiser THEY schedule being late.  We aren't even allowed to schedule the appraiser or even know their name so how is that our fault and why should we have to pay for that..we shouldn't.  This is just one of the many problems we've had so far.  Reading your comment I know it is probably really accurate because it's so similar to the problems we have had. And...after being on hold for 29 minutes the call just disconnected...

Military Heroes,


We regret to hear of your experience with your mortgage loan. This is not the type of experience we want for our members. I have shared your comments with a colleague who will review and reach out to discuss this matter further. We look forward to the opportunity to address your concerns. Thank you. -Gus

I was trying to lower my interest rate VA 15 year refinance. But after a similar incident with my unresponsive and arrogant contractor, I have decided to cancel my application and just increase my payments by $500 per month to pay my loan off early.

S D D,


We appreciate your sharing your experience in the Community. This is not the type of service we expect for our members. Your comments have been shared with a colleague in the mortgage area for review and response. They will reach out to discuss this matter with you further. We look forward to addressing your concerns. -Gus

USAA refinance did not work for me because the closing costs initially were estimated at 2-3K but then after the appraisal came in at 10K below my estimate, the costs skyrocketed to * K!!!!! I could not believe this and no matter how much I tried to tell them to get the closing costs down, they would not listen and kept sending me FedEx documents with the same closing costs. They also would never answer my emails...XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX ...THANKS FOR NOTHING!



I regret to hear of your experience with your mortgage loan in process. This is never the feeling we want to leave with our members. I have taken this opportunity to share your experience with a colleague in the mortgage department. They will review your experience then reach out to discuss this matter further with you. Thank you for sharing your concerns and bringing this matter to our attention. ~Gus