We had no problems reaching someone when it came to getting prequalified or during our house search.  Now that we have a signed contract and my loan has been transferrred to someone I have not ever spoken to, I cannot get in contact with her.  I have been off of my anxiety meds for a year but had to start taking them again.  If things don't improve here with USAA mortgage depatment, my family of four is looking at being kicked out of our current home and will have to go to an apartment.  This is giving me such a bad taste in my mouth.  Also, none of the amounts on the documents even match up.  I have no idea what is going on at this point.




I am sorry to hear about the issues you have been having getting a hold of someone. I have passed this along to someone in our mortgage department, and they will be reaching out to you directly. Thank you.

Your experience seems to mirror mine. USAA is great at pre-qualifing you so you can go shopping for a house.


However, once you transition to locking in a mortgage be prepared for the level of customer service to go down.

I was assigned a specialist who was frequently out of office.  He was out of office approximately 3 weeks of the 35 days  I was told it would take to close.  His out of office emails would typically have the wrong persone name listed.


The website you are to use to  upload documents and check your status is frequently no updated or has incorrect information.


Some documents have been requested 3 times.  Just because you email 1 person does not mean USAA know they have it.  They will still have someone else email you about it, and then send you a FedEX package asking for the same information.



The specialist I have been working with in his place, has been medicore at best.  She would only partially answer my questions or not answer them at all.


If you still have time, I would explore shopping for a mortgage elsewhere. 

Hi Phasor,


I have responded to your initial post here. Thank you.