I am so very sorry to only be seeing this blog and the comments on here. I would never have chosen USAA for a mortgage loan if I had read the blogs previously. 


Closing is to be next week but that is up in the air because USAA have attached unreasonable conditions to the loan disbursement. House is a repo and being sold as is. USAA want every single item mentioned in the valuation fixed as a condition to the loan. The valuation clearly states the repairs are minor and just over $1000.00 but USAA insists every item must be fixed including repairs to fence erected by the neighbor. USAA wants a separate roof inspection done even though this should form valuation I have to pay for. The house is in very good condition and in a very desirable neighborhood. This means nothing to USAA. Its very clear they looked for every opportunity to deny an approval. 


USA makes the life of soldiers and vets lives harder and more stressful than it needs to be and they should look at these comments and realise they are hurting more than they are helping. The local credit union in my area is shocked that they have so many conditions on a conventional loan with a very favorable valuation report and a borrower with excellent credit and a long banking history with them.   It is too close to closing so I stuck with these cold heartless people. 




margee - I regret any frustration you're having. Your previous post has been sent for review. You will be contacted to address your concerns. Thank you - Tricia