Claims adjuster was rude and dismissive. Can I request to have a different adjuster?

Today, I received one of the worst customer experiences I've ever had with USAA.


Over the past few weeks, Southern California has gotten quite a bit of rain. I noticed a leak and a crack in the ceiling above my bed and some other leak stains going down the walls. So, yesterday (March 18th) I called and initially spoke with a claims rep, Ken. He was extremely helpful and informative. After the call, I felt relieved (especially after Ken shared information about USAA's Property Direct Repair Program and how it makes the repair process easier for me). 
The next morning (today), I got a call from the adjuster, Jacqueline. That conversation was not reflective of the experience I had with Ken, or any experience that I've ever had with USAA since I've been a member. From the beginning of the call her tone and the way she handled my comments and questions was very dismissive. She was adamant that my roof had been improperly installed and that repairs wouldn't be covered. I asked where she had gotten that information from and she said she's looking at the notes from the conversation I had with Ken. I told her that I had only mentioned it because one of the three roofers who came to look at the leak said it could be a possible cause for the leak. That same roofer, however, also quoted me an exorbitant amount of money for the repairs. I had several contractors come by and take a look and they each said something different. I relayed those notes about the possible cause of damage to Ken. I don't know much about roofs and I already expected the contractors to try and give me the runaround, but I did not expect to get it from USAA.
As a woman, this is a serious problem I often experience with contractors. They walk in, assume I don't know any better and make up some exaggerated story about what's wrong so they can charge me extra for work that isn't necessary. So, I restated to Jacqueline that the contractor only speculated those things and shared them with Ken during our conversation - I have not received any formal quotes or pictures or anything concerning the damage. She wouldn't hear me, wouldn't listen and was just rude and dismissive.  After my call with Jacqueline, I felt confused and interrogated and dismissed. I tend to give everyone a little grace these days with everything going on. People are stressed, I get it....but she definitely could have handled the interaction better. 
This just happened yesterday/today and I have not yet been contacted by their Direct Repair contractor. The damage, and the cause of the damage, has not been definitively diagnosed by anyone. All I know for sure is there's a leak and it needs to get fixed and there's a possibility that there could be mold - which is scary to think about.

I have proudly been a member and have used USAA for my home, auto and property coverage for almost 18 years - and I've never had an encounter like this with an adjuster. It was a very unpleasant interaction (on top of an already stressful situation) and she gave me the impression that USAA would try and figure out a way to get out of covering the repairs needed.

Even though this is extremely frustrating, I don't believe this is reflective of USAA as a whole. I have only had great experiences when I needed assistance from USAA and I hope that continues. However, I don't feel comfortable with Jacqueline being the adjuster on this claim moving forward. Can I get a new adjuster assigned to my claim?  Who do I need to contact? 


Hello, @creatifdotco! I appreciate you reaching out and sharing these claims service circumstances, although they are certainly very concerning, indeed. As you may have experienced in this past,  It is very important to us at USAA to maintain our priority of member service and claims experiences, and hold ourselves to a standard higher than excellent. Please, bear with me as I engage the appropriate area for further support on this. ~ Steven 

Thanks, Steven. I just need to know who to contact or send this feedback to in order to get a different claims adjuster. 

It will be difficult. My car was totalled by getting hit from behind on a highway in a traffic jam. It was an awful experience getting reimbursed. The car insurance has always been VERY good as long as the car isn't totalled, but I found it was terrible when totalled, even though I had 0% blame for the accident. Mainly the problem was that they used a car with ridiculously far worse specs (something like 60,000 miles more) that sold extremely cheaply to average with 3 other cars that were more reasonably valued (although none were as good as mine with a full service history). I complained but got nowhere...I had to deal with around 8 different agents who were totally not understanding and not interested in looking at it fairly. One insulted my intelligence and/or ethics. Basically, even though I had zero responsibility for my car being totalled...I got far less $ than it costs to replace it. I never did.

I'm sorry and surprised to hear that.  Honestly, I'm at a loss for words. USAA has always been a trusted company in my opinion, but not anymore. I'm still waiting on a call back from a claims manager from last week and haven't heard a peep.  They truly have let the company go to sh*t and don't care about their loyal customers, even though we're leaving due to poor service.  All across the web there are examples of this.  Each time I call, I get the runaround - a manager is never available but promised to call me back.  This is BS.  I'll be shopping around for another insurance company once this claim is wrapped up.  It's sad really. They've turned into another one of those companies exploiting veterans under the guise of supporing us.  They really aren't the trustworthy, dependable insurer they were years ago.  I'm gonna let others know as well.