Check your Ocwen Mortgage Statement for Spurious Charges - Scam Alert - Residential MD

I discovered today that I am being charged an extra $54.95 a month for a home warranty program I did not explicitly sign up for. This resulted from a $3.50 check made out to me that was included in my monthly mortgage statement that I assumed was a very minor escrow overage refund. Depositing this check resulted in monthly premiums then being charged by Residential MD - a shady company that allegedly provides home warranty services. I did not catch this until today, 14 months after these charges started on my account. I immediately notified Residential MD to cancel this charge, and I demanded a refund. Of course that was not granted.


I know I am not alone - there are many identical complaints on various forums. Lacking satisfactory resolution, I intend to pursue this, using every legal means available.


I encourage everyone to take a close look at your Ocwen mortgage statement - you'll find the charge listed under "Optional Products." It's not obvious and will not jump off the page.


If you find this, please let me know as soon as possible. The more names I can collect, the better. My email is


As a long time USAA client, I am severely disappointed at this turn of events. A certain amount of trust has been lost as a consequence. This behavior is clearly not up to USAA standards. Ocwen and Residential MD are primarily complicit in this scam, however USAA should be aware that companies they have sourced are ripping off USAA members.


Stay tuned.



Thank you for providing feedback on your dealings with OCWEN.


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I, too, refinanced several years ago with USAA's blessing. After being bounced around several servicing companies, I wound up with OCWEN. WHY? I have excellent credit, never missed a mortgage payment, and am supposedly a valued USAA client. Since I got shifted to OCWEN, they have raised my rates twice (claiming more taxes), and now sent me a letter indicating that I need to designate them as the as the recipient of my home owner's policy. USAA is the mortgager of my property, correct?


I absolutely will not allow OCWEN to be considered the company that will have my best interests at heart should something happen to my house. Please tell me this is wrong for them to do. If USAA thinks it is okay to shuffle their valued customers to shady dealers like OCWEN, well that is a very sad thing indeed, and now I will have to look to refinance again with my other federal government credit union, just so I can get out from under this awful company. So, USAA, the ball is in your court. Am I supposed to sign over my home insurance to OCWEN?



Jane Hendron