I'd like to install my Carbon Monoxide detector in the bedroom to help warn when potentially unsafe levels of gas occur.  However, I am uncertain of where to install it in my bedroom because of what I've read on many web sites (including the manufacturer) and the unique design of my home.


Here are the parts of my home's design that makes it difficult for me to know where to put it given the recommendations I've seen about keeping it away from airflows and bathroom entrances but put it at knee height:


  • Central Air register/intake is directly outside the bedroom door.
  • The bedroom's air vent is directly above the bedroom door, such that airflow runs adjacent and parallel to one wall.
  • A standard size (~54 inch) fan is in the center of the room and is often run at medium fan speed.
  • The wall furthest from the air vent is pretty much all closets.
  • The wall perpendicular to the air vent has armoires on it and a door to the bathroom.
  • Ceiling is vaulted

Any advice or other resources I might have missed?