Cancellation notice after 31 years of membership

After 31 years of USAA membership, I received a cancellation notice for my homeowner's insurance policy after filing one claim.  It is very disappointing since I have homeowners, auto on multiple vehicles, umbrella, and life insurance.  It is going to be a lot of work to find another insurer and I would like to continue with USAA.  Before USAA and I get a divorce after many years of excellent service, is there anything that I can do to get someone to do a holistic review?

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After 37 years I "divorced" USAA except for a handful of established bank accounts and couldn't be more pleased. We switched our auto and home owners  insurance over to GEICO and received better rates and more flexibility, and moved the vast majority of our savings to ALLY Bank and obtain (literally) a ten-times better interest rate. The reason we left was primarily because the new CEO and Board decided to place USAA at the service of BLM, which I find a particularly odious and bigoted organization, and also because USAA has deteriorated from the premier insurance and financial services company to a company of corrupted honor and no integrity. If all goes well they can seem competent and all smiles, but it's when there is a problem the real face of the "new" USAA is revelaed, and it's vastly different from what we were used to. Good luck in either case.

I'll be shopping for a new insurnace company tomorrow. After >20yrs of membership it is unfortunate we were treated so poorly over a minor homewoners claim. Service and integrety are gone from this company. I would not reccomned them to any new or former military members. 

This is concerning to read M. Scott! We never want any of our members to feel this way and I'm truly sorry to hear that you've had this type of experience with us. I will absolutely escalate these concerns on your behalf. We appreciate you reaching out to us and bringing this to our attention. - Heather

@Happy Cubed- yes we can submit an underwriting decision to our underwriters for review. While we do not have breed restrictions we do have restrictions around animals that have bitten or attacked a person or animal. In order for a decision to be reviewed we will need to speak with you over the phone at 800-531-8722. ~Shawna