Can't even get a home insurance quote due to my zipcode! I've been a member for years and have fire-hardened my property. I am a 100% disabled veteran

I'm so disappointed in USAA. I've carried my auto insurance for many years and am a member in good standing but I can't even get a quote for my property insurance in California.  Just because some of the properties in my zipcode are high risk do not mean my property is! We have a fire hydrant outside our door, a lake across the street and have fire hardened our five acres very well.

None of this is taken into consideration - just a 'do not pass go' at the zipcode.  Your ads are misleading.... I'm 100% VA disabled and not being served well by USAA. Time to get some other quotes for my auto insurance.


USAA is run by Morons! This is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with for anything!

We used to have everything with them - they are useless idiots managed by Morons who can’t get out of their own way.

One of these days, this useless organization will disappear