My wife and I are recent college graduates and are paying off the rest of our student/car loans. We are currently renting a home and are thinking about buying one soon. What do you think about buying a house while we still have some loans to pay off? Should we focus on the loans for now and then look at buying a house when those are paid off? Thanks.


What is the market like where you are? Can you purchase a home for the same or less monthly payment? If so, then go for it! 2014 is a great year to buy - low rates and real estate markets finally picking up steam. If you are VA eligible, do not allow a mortgage loan officer to put you into anything other than a VA loan - rates are lower than conventional and there is no mortgage insurance premium (MIP) like an FHA loan. Make sure you have a budget and some reserves, then go for it!


Congratulations to you and your spouse for graduating! What an accomplishment! :)


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Best of luck!!