Hello, I would like to apply for a home loan without my spouse because my spouse has significant debt and a poor credit score. I have enough income to buy a house without my spouse.  We live in Teneessee, which is not a community property state. However, I've read that I must submit two years of tax returns during the home loan pre-approval process.  I'm concerned about having a joint tax return.  If I apply for a home lone separately, is there any reason that USAA would still pull my spouse's credit score in the approval process, especially since we have a joint tax return?


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Usually on a home loan application, only the applicant’s credit score is considered for qualification.  However, depending on the mortgage type (Conventional or VA), your spouse’s debt may be considered.  Each home loan application is unique, and we want to ensure we recommend the right advice based on your personal situation.  Can we have one of our Mortgage representatives contact you to discuss your questions in more detail?  You can always call us if you prefer.  Our number is 1-800-531-8722, and we are open from  7:30 AM – 8:00 PM. 


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