I just checked in with Navy Federal. They will finance a tiny house. Navy Fed will finance it as a "personal loan with collateral" so 1) you can live in the tiny house (can't do that with a RV loan) 2) It is easierr to finance since they hold the tiny house as collateral.


The only problem you are looking at 8-9% APR with Navy Fed while USAA will go as low as 3.99% APR.  With that being said I know Navy Fed will beat anyone elses offer on a loan or pay you 250$. So if I can I am going to see if Navy Federal will beat USAA's 3.99%. 


Also I believe Navy Fed will be easier to finance. 

I am looking to finance within the next 6 months.



Have you had anymore luck with Navy Federal or USAA? We are getting ready to buy a tiny home from Tennessee Tiny Homes and are considering financing part/all of the house.



No, nothing yet. Both Navy Federal and USAA look at me like I am crazy. The closest I can get is a RV loan with collateral. They use the RV as colllateral. But once you get a 15 or 20  year RV loan, your paying the same amount as you would a mortagage. I also have been looking a Tennessee TIny House, but I am not sure I want to live in their communites (They have 3 I think) Nashville, Alanta and now I think Austin. 


I was also looking into USAA for insurance, and its like pulling teeth. Both Navy Fed and USAA are the best Credit Unions around, its just the tiny house thing hasn't caught on, plus the house doesn't appresiate in value so they say. They say like a RV loan all it does is depresiate in value. I don't know. I amm trying to come up with another game plan. Let us know how it goes and your satisfation with Tennessee Tiny House company. I have a great dane like they do, so if anyone knows how to make a tiny house for a dane, its them.

Thanks for the quick response! We are moving to Atlanta in July and have a spot in their village. We have 4 Great Danes so we are definitely hoping he can accomodate!! I'll keep you updated!

Any updates? I'm strongly looking to get a tiny home but havent began looking into financing. Any guidance would be appreciated.





Thank you for posting in the Community. There are several different factors and questions to be considered when discussing home financing. We recommend you contact one of our mortgage loan specialists to discuss your options at 210-531-USAA (8722). Thank you.-Gus

I purchased a Tiny House from Core Solutions in Florida; I used NFCU to obtain a collateral loan for part of the Tiny House costs.  I am paying 3% interest on a collateral loan with NFCU.  Very happy with their service.  I was not able to get a comparable loan from USAA; they were charging 6.9% for a collateral loan.  I love my Tiny House.  Looking into purchasing another one and using for a rental.  Let me know if you have additional questions.


Enjoy Tiny Living!!

Any luck with Navy fed?!
I'm actually looking into buying a tiny house and moving to Alaska after I retire. I would be interested in emailing you some questions and maybe pick your brain if possible. My email is twilly76@gmail.com. Thanks, Tonya W.

We are interested to either buy a mobile home or tiny house. We need a loan tough. We both have good credit. We don't want to spend years  and years paying big mortgages. We like the idea to have a tiny homes as well, but it will have to be designed since we have cats. Looking to find any resource that it could help us..