Having been an advocate for USAA for many years, I feel betrayed by my recent involvement with their mortgage department.  Through a series of events that started in early March I am at a place where the home I was purchasing for my son and his family will probably not close and they are going to be without a place as of May 1st.   The loan process has been one snafu after another.  We were scheduled to close on the home this week. On April 19th I received a conditional loan approval with two items that needed attention.  Both items were address immediately.  This week I received notice that the appraisal on the property was to low by $6000.   This almost 30 days after the appraisal was done, and after the conditional commitment was issued.  I had asked several times about the appraisal during the process and was told it did not appear to be an issue.  Evidently a new underwriter wanted the appraisal lower, so it was changed.  We are desperately trying to save the deal, but every indication is that the seller will not reduce the price, so the home will be lost.  There is no measure you can put on the stress this has caused our family, two young adults and a baby without a place to call home.  We are arranging for them to stay with us until we can find an apartment or new home, but changing the appraisal at this late date gives us no time to negotiate or find another home.  USAA needs to remember you are dealing with human lives, your actions have consequences, we are not just numbers.   


The have become to big and the personal service that set USAA apart is no longer there. Something has seriously changed in their service model. USAA, get it together. This is unacceptable.
Note to Blindsided. Don't wait. They do not want to loan you the money and they are dragging their feet. Went thru the same thing with Quicken Loans and lost my appraisal money. What a ripoff. I would have never believed it of USAA.


I sincerely regret to hear of your mortgage loan experience. Your concern for your son and his family is certainly understandable. I have requested a colleague look into this situation further and reach out to you to discuss in more detail. Thank you for reaching out in Community. 



Not sure what your role is at USAA but thanks for at least reading my post.  As of 11am this morning I have not heard from anyone at USAA regarding the issue.


Thank you for the update. I will check on the status of my request right now.


My experience through USAA mortgage was horrific!! I would never recommend them as a mortgage lender to anyone!! Worst customer service ever! I received better service from Walmart!