Obtained a HELOC from USAA. Signed the paperwork with the closing attorney and was promised funding in 5 business days. 13 days later, we were notified that our names were not typed under the signature line on the note and therefore it had to be resigned before USAA would fund. This is apparently a USAA requirement, not a legal requirement in our state. The closing attorney offered to add the type names and rerecord the mortgage. Our Home Equity Processor declared this illegal and then said the recorded lien would have to be released and a new one recorded. (Which, according to two different attorneys licensed in our state is NOT necessary). The processor says she contacted the attorney but the attorney hasn't spoken to anyone from USAA. It's a small firm so it would be unlikely the message was lost on 3 different occasions. Now, we have a lien on our home and cannot access the funds. And I've received absolutely NO response for 2 days from the processor. My husband and I have bought and sold several homes and have had mortgages and lines of credit many times. This is the WORST experience ever!


And, I forgot to mention that, while declaring it would be unacceptable for the attorney to type our names under the signature line and re-record, she thought it was perfectly reasonable on her part to suggest that we sign a new document, back date it and ask the notary to notarized a falsified document. Ummm....okay....

Dear Ready To Scream,

I want to apologize for the confusion thus far and have escalated your situation. An expert should be in touch with you shortly to ensure everything is worked out. Thank you for taking the time to post.