Beware of Refinancing your mortgage with USAA---very painful and unprofessional

Beware if you refinance your home with USAA.  I have been a member for 20 years and always had great service...until now.

I agreed to refinance my mortgage last year for a special deal that USAA offered with a lower rate and USAA would pay all of the fees.  I would also be able to skip two payments.  Here is a list of the unprofessional and painful dealings that I had:


1.  USAA had the wrong address on the original loans origination documents.  We explained the problem and then never heard anything back.

2.  We finally found out that our representative was switched to Philip Everidge and that is where things got out of control.

3.  We were orginally supposed to close in Nov 2015 but got delayed twice because Philip did not request a payoff in time for the closing date.

4.  We could never get ahold of Philip except for an occasional email.  We gave Philip our cell phone numbers but he insisted on calling the wrong number and leaving voicemails for us rather than actually speak to us.

5.  The closing was then moved to the end of December because of the repeated unprofessional screwups by Philip.

6.  We then found out that once again the closing was going to be delayed because of bad weather in north Texas until the end of December.  We agreed to delayed our vacation so that we could finally close.

7.  Once again Philip did not get the required paperwork done in time and the closing was now delayed until January.

8.  We received the closing paperwork and noticed two things:  1.  The closing date only allowed us to skip one monthly payment rather than the two as promised.  2.  We were charged $162 as a "lock extention fee" since we did not close in 2015.

9.  We tried in vain to contact Philip by both phone and email to ask about these discrepancies only to receive silence in return.

10.  We were connected to Philip's supervisor Timothy and also received his voicemail.  The voicemail stated that all calls would be returned in the same business day.  We left multiple voicemails on multiple days and never once received any communication from his supervisor.

11.  We signed the documents because all the other numbers were correct and we did not want to delay the refinancing more months.

12.  So in summary, what should have been done by Nov 2015 was not completed until Jan 25, 2016 with one month deferred payment instead of two as promised and us getting charged $162 because Philip could not do his job.


If you call to refinance your mortgage and Philip or Timothy answer the phone...don't just walk but run away from the phone.  His unprofessionalism knew no bounds dealing with us.



Also...I forgot to mention that before you pass me to a "specialist" I have already talked to one two days ago that was supposed to escalate the situation and call me within a day.  Once again I have received no communication from anyone on the mortgage team.



I am sorry to hear that you have not yet been reached out to. I am following up with our mortgage team now.

Thank you.  I would appreciate a call from anyone.  Hopefully someone that is high up on the totem pole because everyone I have talked to never responds.  I don't know how the mortgage services is still open since it soes not seem to be able to function.



I still have not heard anything.  I was wondering if anyone was working on this.  I am thinking about doing a BBB complaint.

Don't hold your breath, no one from corporate will do anything for you. We had the same problems, which are rampant. We pulled the plug and went with Quicken Loans, who are wonderful to work with and are very supportive of military families. Our loan took 2 weeks from start to close. I can't recommend them enough!



Thank you for posting in Community. We encourage you to reach out to your bank point of contact for any additional concerns.