Beware -- ADT Billing Me For Years -- Wasn't Providing Service

I have used ADT through USAA affiliation in my various homes for about 25 years. We had a small fire late at night in my house last week, and the ADT-installed smoke detectors didn't go off. Luckily  I was still awake and smelled the smoke & called the fire department. After taking care of the fire/smoke issues, the FD were very curious about the hard-wired ADT detectors and why they hadn't gone off or called ADT/police/fire. The smoke detectors were improperly placed AND no longer functioning. The FD actually installed freebie smoke detectors to replace the ADT hard-wired versions. 

The next day I called ADT, who sent out an installer. Turns out they haven't been monitoring my account for 20 MONTHS due to a change in phone providers (they only support AT&T). They also said their smoke detectors are only good for 6 years and ADT does not provide fire protection service. WHAT?????

Hm, they have been cashing my checks every month for a service they haven't provided. I'm livid. This whole time I've been paying them and feeling the peace of mind that their products and services were keeping my family aware and safe. Turns out they are COMPLETELY FRAUDULENT.  DON'T USE THEM!!!!!!! 



Wow!  I am so sorry to hear about your home and I hope everyone is okay.  I'd like an opportunity to have your concerns regarding ADT reviewed further.  I’ve escalated your situation to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.  Please allow 1-2 business days for contact.  Thanks~Mike  

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your response. I got two phone calls from ADT local installers today. They are trying to figure out how to continue billing me and upgrade my service but not addressing how they "dropped the ball" (in their words). They are pretty good at contacting me to get me to continue paying bills and/or increasing my costs, but don't seem to understand they didn't provide the service I was paying for when I needed it. One of them reiterated today that their smoke detectors have a life-span and should be replaced occasionally and that ADT should not be relied upon for primary fire/smoke notification (he's the second ADT rep who told me this). Are other USAA customers aware that ADT completely shirks their responsilbities this way? It's astounding, fraudulent, and scary for those of us who have relied upon ADT protection for many years. BEWARE USAA CUSTOMERS...ADT DOES NOT PROVIDE PRIMARY FIRE/SMOKE DETECTION, in their own words.


My ADT bill says, "Having CO and smoke detectors is good, but having them monitored 24/7 is way better. ADT can send help even if you can't call for it."  Instead it should say, "Having CO and smoke detectors is good but they periodically go bad about every 6 years and we don't check them or maintain responsiblitiy for them or therefore call for help. And in fact you shouldn't rely on them for primary fire or smoke detection. But we have a fabulous billing department and cash your checks super-fast. Yaay for us."


Thank you for reaching back out to us, and I have forwarded your additional post to our team who oversees ADT.  Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience.  Thanks~Mike