I work for Air Force, an USAF Foreign Officer serving international mission and developing individual Self-employed position with Washington for the Imperial Air Force of United States Space Force Co. under the Imperial Government of Galactic Empire.

I am serving as the First Minister to Emperor Donald Trump on the Imperial Government of Galactic Empire under the following Blockchain Imperial Government System;
Sire Donald J. Trump, Emperor | Empress Melania Knauss, Republican of Democracy | Consort Ivana Zelnkov and Consort Marla Maples | King Donald Trump Jr., Charles of the Space Government | Prince Eric Trump, Judge of the Imperial Court | Prince Barron Trump, Regent of the Aerospace | Princess Ivanka Trump, 1st Admiral of the Rivers Commanding Fleet | Princess Tiffany Trump, Administrator of the Empire | First Minister, Ministers & Secretaries | Imperial Guard, Security Forces, Intelligence Agency, and Espionage Association | Trump Organization of Kings and Royal Families | Imperial Armed Forces of Army, Navy, Air Force and Auxiliaries | Elected, Opposition & Counterpart Political Leaders and People's Representatives | Republican and Democrats | Ambassador to the Planet Mars, human settlement mission by 2030 | Missionaries to the all Outer Space Mission | Flagship Commonwealth,
Federation, Union, People's Organization of, and Colonies |

The spacing belongs Imperial Government of the Galactic Empire certainly is a great thing for all time. Who are with the Imperial Space Government system, certainly they are best People forever and who provide their support and cooperation to the continuing development of the humanity regarding this Imperial Government of Galactic Empire, they are also same as best humans for all time.

Besides, who own the knowledge & wisdom and learn the teaching of the Imperial Government of Galactic Empire, they are also enlighten people. They very clearly understand those works and consciously they own those values in their mind & heart. They respect & love to the Galactic Empire. They are greatest men for all generation because they are the living galaxy, living empire, life of the humanity.

But who are hiding themselves and staying apart from the knowledge & teaching of the Imperial Government of Galactic Empire, they are not enlighten people, the guys are mentally sick, they are perverted and criminal minded, their living are full of darkness, ignorance and barbarism.

The Imperial Government of Galactic Empire is the continuing development of the humanity which followup human spearding into the outer planet, specially human settlement in the planet Mars by 2030 and space government system.

The Imperial Government of Galactic Empire is formed with two prime Government Systems; Blockchain Imperial Government System and Encrypted Space Government System. Another third one is Inland Imperial Government System, currently which is almost same to the Blockchain Government, for the combindly two are the same as known as Imperial Government.


And after finishing the above resume he finished off his bottle of tequila and passed out.