Hello all, I have had renters insurance or other member of the house has since I was 18. Filed my 3rd claim with renters insurance through usaa. Well actually personally my 2nd, 1st was 19 and was $800 was very minor over water damage, Most landed on landlord. Anyways yes so my 2nd, I warn you. Make sure you take a photo of your complete body, no sunglasses or hat on with every item you own. Then also retain receipts for everything. After that make home inventory lists. That seems the only way after the retired cops, I mean investigators that come to your house, talk to your Nieghbors about your situation will be interested in settling any claim. I had some photos of wife with handbags and a few with my hand in it. Clearly can see a scar I have on it. Nope nope not good enough. It's their way or drag it on without any communication. Although California requires claim status updates every 30-40 days in writing... Don't count on it with usaa. If you say that's all I have to submit be ready for them to repeaditly ask "well if you find more let me know" u tell them there isn't more. "Well just let me know" and drag on your claim. 8/22 today. Have not had anything in writing since 5/22. Claim was opened 3/19/15. This is crazy, time consuming and very annoying. I highly suggest do not choose usaa. There our other, cheaper yet bigger name company's that can have smoother claims and better rates.


Hi Jay559,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I have escalated your concerns over to our claims department. Someone will be in touch directly.