Bad experince with Jenkins Restoration - Do not allow them to be assigned to your repair needs

Georgia Member2

Jenkins Restoration was assigned to repair our home after a lightning strike and resulting fire.  We had brick knocked off the exterior of our home along with Sheetrock knocked off the inside wall.  The fire was in this wall and we were able to extinguish the fire due to having extinguishers. I encourage you to have extinguishers.

Fortunately, we encountered so many issues with Jenkins prior to signing a contract they never did any work on our home. About 2 months into negotiations with no repairs having been done, the Jenkins rep accidentally sent us the contract. In reading the 12+ page contract our concerns increased 10 fold.  I emailed the founder of Jenkins listing some of my concerns with the local franchise. The next day we received a call from the USAA adjuster informing us that Jenkins recommend we find another contractor - basically we were fired as a customer. I will list some but not all of our concerns below.


  • Estimates for repairs were not sufficient to cover the cost of repairs.  ONE Example: the estimate to repair the damaged brick was about $300.  I later had to pay a contractor $1500.00 and supply materials to perform the repair which required a day's worth of constructing scaffolding to reach the damage. 
  • Jenkins refused to open the wall in a downstairs bathroom and bedroom where I saw flames when I put the fire out from the room above.  I later opened these walls finding fire damage that was not estimated for repair.
  • Jenkins would not list the proper materials for the repairs.  For example we have 6 inch baseboard, their estimate stated 3.5 inch.  I should note the contract that was accidently sent to us stated that they would only use the materials as stated in the estimate.
  • Jenkins refused to do repairs to the security system  and flood stop system.  Once I paid for the security system repairs, my deductible was satisfied.  At this point Jenkins tended to lose interest in our job as they would not be receiving the $2000.00 they eagerly asked to be paid directly to them when first doing the estimate. 
  • Our original garage door openers had 8 remotes (4 each), Jenkins would only install openers which had one remote each.
  • The contract stated we would allow access from 07:00 to 18:00 six days a week and we would be in violation of the contract if we could not provide this access anytime in the 3 moth period of repairs.  Our repairs were not so extensive that it would require 3 months, actual repair time was 2 to 3 weeks at best.

There are so many other issues I could mention, but I believe I have shared enough at this point.