This is a rough draft of my complaints about American Van Lines, Inc. Pompano Beach, FL


American Van Lines, Inc. packed and loaded my HHG on 6-7 March in SC. The driver arrived in OR on late 11 or early 12 March. Based on AVL's information to me that the driver was limited to 500 driving miles per day, I'm trying to find out how the driver arrived prior to the estimated date of Monday 13 March 2017. When I asked the driver to see his logbook, he laughed at me and did not produce the logbook. It seems to me that if his logbook is legitimate, he would have produced the logbook. AVL gave me the impression that Dennis was the only driver. Even if Dennis the driver managed to drive 500 miles on Tuesday, March 7th, I find it hard to believe he could drive that far after packing and loading my HHG from approx. 0930 to approx. 1600 that same day. Even so, he called me Saturday wanting to offload Sunday, March 12th. I was still driving cross country 10 hours per day and was driving through Colorado at the time. AVL called to say the driver and dispatch agreed to wait until Monday to offload. All I could do was hope I could arrive at destination in OR Monday. The driver called again on Sunday, after he and dispatch had already agreed to offload on Monday, March 13th, to request offload on Sunday. I was in Nevada still heading to destination in OR. AVL operational hours are M-F so what was I supposed to do? I insisted to the driver that offload would occur no earlier than Monday, March 13th.


How can I obtain a copy of the driver's logbook or request an audit of the logbook?

Semi truck Florida license plate F34 47U

Rig number 1805

MC 294798

USDOT 614506

IFTA 17 FL20133


Trailer number 1926

Florida license plate 529 8CM

Trailer number 53


The inventory list was not presented to me at offload so I could check off the boxes as they were offloaded from the trailer. Several boxes did not have inventory tags on them and/or did not have the contents listed on the box. The company wanted to charge me over $500 to have driver's remove blankets so I could see if there was damage. They intended to remove the blankets anyway, siting the driver needed them for the next HHG shipment. When I agreed to purchase their blankets in order to keep my furniture protected, they still wanted to charge me extra to have the blankets removed so I could view the condition of the furniture as it went into storage and have the furniture re-wrapped.


AVL said I could wire transfer payment from my bank to AVL's bank. Payment was due day of offload and before offload could take place. AVL called me on Saturday, March 11th (a non-banking day) stating wire transfer was no longer a suitable option claiming that it takes AVL's bank 2-3 days to receive wire transfers. The AVL agent demanded immediate payment via cash, debit/credit card, cashier's check or money order. I was driving through Colorado at the time trying to meet the driver at destination. I stated that I couldn't pay on the spot, that I could make partial payment via credit card due to my credit card limit, and given that it was a non-banking day and I stated I had the right to see my HHG on the truck prior to payment. The agent shifted gears and said I needed to pay prior to offload via cash, debit/credit card, cashier's check or money order. I said I would try to pay via credit card but preferred wire transfer. The agent threatened to have my HHG offloaded to an undisclosed storage facility t my expense until payment was rendered, adding that the driver needed to drive to CA for another HHG move so the length of time my HHG would be in the undisclosed storage location was unknown because the company didn't have a way of knowing when the driver could return to OR to move my HHG out of the undisclosed storage location to my storage location. The company was unwilling to wait for a wire transfer from my bank to theirs which could only occur during the next banking business day, Monday Mar 13th by close of business. AVL said they would charge me $75/hour per person times 3 people (driver plus two packers) to wait for payment. They would not wait until Tuesday AM to allow the banks to complete the transfer. The agent further noted that I could/should have paid for the HHG move any day prior to delivery. Why should I pay for services not yet rendered?


When I requested the weight document, the driver said it was sent to AVL. He wasn't willing to give me a copy of the weight. I said I was paying by weight of the shipment and had a right to the document. I pretended to call my lawyer and the driver suddenly had the document on his cell phone. I took a photo of the document while it appeared on his cell phone and had him text the document to me.


I can provide detailed accounts of the conversations with the AVL representatives, including managers, that show they coerced me into a different means of payment and coerced me into offload by having to use my and a friend's credit cards to make payment instead of allowing me to wire transfer the funds.


Based on information by AVL that the driver was limited to driving 500 miles/day, he should have arrived from SC to OR sometime Monday, Mar 13th. This would have given me time to wire transfer payment to them and pick up blankets I bought via mail at $633 instead of having to pay AVL $2000 to keep their 125 blankets on the furniture. AVL’s cost of blankets went from $1,740 to $2,000.


The company auto voice that walks you through the option to press to talk to the correct department doesn’t say your call will be recorded. The only way you are made aware the call is being recorded is if the representative happens to mention the call is being recorded.


AVL was aware I was driving cross country from SC to OR, just as their driver was. They called my cell and left a message at 11 AM Saturday, Mar 11, 2017 to notify me the driver was arriving in OR for Sunday offload at destination. I was driving outside of cell phone range. AVL representative stated that was my 24-hour notification of delivery. I was still driving through Colorado. How did the driver arrive in Oregon already?


So this is how AVL provides customers service and treats America's military veterans. Ridiculous.


You will get limited exposure placing your complaint here. Might give some thought to BBB or a complaint site such as (the military word for urinated)