Bad Customer Service Not honoring the coverage


I've been a member for 30 years get a water leak that will probably cost less the $10K for total repairs, fisrt said authorization to get the leak repaired now saying won't pay.  I am telling everyone I can about the lousy service the lies they tell and how if they spent the money on adjusters not commmericals they may have some people who could actually look at the damage in person and not rely on pictures of items.  I'm in Laughlin NV and my aduster is in Colorado, wow what a way to run a business!!!!!!!  I'm telling as many veterans as I can about the terrible service and to not believe those million dollar commericals.


Hello @Arkiewalker, I can see the seriousness of your concerns and definitely want to help with having them addressed. I'm engaging a claims specialist to reach out to you. -Paula

I hear you.  I'm having the same issues.

Water leaks covered by homeowners insurance are almost always covered if it is a pipe bursting, or a sudden event.   Long term slow leaks are not generally covreed by homeowners insurance. 


You may wish to engage in licensed public adjuster (aks private adjuster), someone you pay to advocate on your behalf with your insurance company.  These are state licensed insurance professionals who work only for the insured, not insurance companies.   Again, there is a fee for this service so check with a few local ones.     They have a trade association to which many belong, and that website better explains what a public ajudster is and how to find one locally

Failing that a complaint to your state insurance regulator may prove helpful.   Insurance companies are quite responsive when the state insurance regulator contacts them as the state insurance regulator may stop them from selling insurance in the state, impose civil penalties, or in extreme cases prosecute the insurance agents and companies criminally.   Each state has its own and you may find yours at their association web site

The insurance regulators, in many states called the state insurance commissioner are public employees, elected or appointed by the state and there is no fee for their assistance.