Usaa mortgage has to be the most screwed up situation there has ever been known to man, I would rather redeploy to a combat zone to have ever try to buy a home with them, worst decision I've ever made. Please contact me at XXXXXXXXX and I will fill you in on why not to us USAA for anything


Dear Dayne,

I am so very sorry to hear about your negative experience with your mortgage department. I have escalated your concerns and we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to get further feedback from you.  A mortgage specialist will be in touch shortly to make sure we start to get you everything you need. Thank you,


* to protect your personal information your phone number has been removed from your post above.

It's 11:30 AM and u have not received anything
I* have not received anything
I don't know what you caterorgize as shortly

Hi Dayne,

I should have been more specific. You should be hearing from someone at the very latest by the end of this week. Thank you.

Yes Ussa will lie to you (But if you call in and listen to the guys they are so eager to help ,but they are a bunch of liers)

J and J, Thank you for your candid feedback. I appreciate your membership, and I want to ensure that you are receiving the service you deserve. I can see that our Member Advocacy team has had several discussions with you since November 2016. I realize that you still have concerns, so I'm sharing your post with that team. I will ensure that an Advocacy specialist reviews your latest comments. ~Darcy 

Darcy, someone called us two weeks ago, Laura Johnson from USAA's CEO's office.  She then said she was calling about "our insurance questions" but switched and then said it was about our Hannity advertising concerns.  I told her there were not any things to discuss about Hannity, but we could certainly use some help about our insurance questions.  She then listened as I told her what those were, very pointed, direct questions about problems with our billing and why it was wrong last year, plus other things we wanted to have updated too, once she got back in touch.  She got back in touch, then pretended to be confused and said to me that the reason she was calling was about Hannity again!  What?  I got my wife on the phone who had originally put the questions to Laura, and then Laura "remembered" what she was to have talked about, saying "Oh, you had your questions answered last year by our team."  What is going on, Darcy?  My wife told Laura that they had a good discussion, Laura had agreed we had lots of errors on our home loan but were concerned that since USAA made those billing errors, we had reached out and asked for one point of contact for updating and helping us with our policies, but nobody had ever reached out, not even once.  We even got a registered letter from some rude dude in the Ops and Channels office, who wrote and even had a registered letter sent last November, saying USAA considered their errors "closed" as if we can't ask what happens next or how those errors affect us as customers.  Laura had originally agreed we needed those questions answered, said she was really sorry originally on that first call, for how we'd been treated. Why does USAA not call or reach out, but you can afford to send us a registered letter telling us basically to 'shut up and go away'?  That is what the letter said.  Is there an expiration date on existing policies that still need servicing, or are we not supposed to give your reps updated information on our accounts any more?  So, Laura calls us back, tells us "I was told you already got those questions answered" and then pretended it was about Hannity again.  Why?  Then, we called back three more times in the past week, saying we never got any service and needed someone new to be in touch.  Finally, after leaving her the strongest message, some guy said he was notified and sheepishly called last week and left a message.  We aren't home most days in time to call back, but we will find time.  But, please don't put a positive spin on this, USAA.  This is just plain neglectful and abusive treatment of customers with no late payments, over a million dollars of money with you for all our home and auto stuff and IRAs,checking, savings, etc.  So, why do this to great customers, from someone whose voicemail says she's with the CEO's office?  This is your leadership?  Wow, we are shopping to pull accounts, all of them but the home loan, and go where we are valued.

And, No way, Darcy, has your "leadership team" had "several conversations" with us since last November.  No way.  We got a bunch of "we will research this and be in touch shortly" stuff, the same old line used on all the online chat boards by USAA.  Nobody was in touch several times, nothing got answered.  All a bunch of lies, plain and simple, if you actually believe people have had discussions with us.  Not at all, never happened but this Laura girl.  And, you can see what she did to respond, which is basically creating more ill will and ignoring us further.  She knew we didn't get anything answered, but she was told by your "leadership" to go away, leave us alone, not allow us to ask, not research the things we wanted updated.  Every time USAA steps in, there is more to apologize from on the USAA end, too.  YOU may care about our membership and business, but as a whole, the USAA leadership does not care, plain and simple.  And, it shows.