I hope at some point that I can update this review of USAA with a more positive experience. Thus far my experience with this company, that I do all my banking with is appalling. The mortgage company is completely unresponsive to phone calls and/or emails. Not only are they unresponsive, they are rude when we've asked questions. This is my first time buying a home, and I am unsure of the process - its mind boggling that a company that is normally so helpful has this department that is awful. At numerous points I have wanted to back out of this process because of them!

I'm 100% dissatisfied with their service. If you have the option to look at other banks, I would highly recommend it.


I am having a similar experience. I call, leave messages, email, and email some more, but I seem to only get email responses back, and only to some parts of my questions. I am kicking myself for not going somewhere else. I thought that the mortgage department would be like the rest. Every other account I have with USAA is great. I realize that I am not special or should get special treatment, but I would like a little respect.


I called the resolution team with USAA Mortgage and spoke with someone that was very helpful and helped me get back on track with our application. Only after I felt better about this situation, did I get a call from our loan processor (Mrs. G) with a boat load of attitude who couldn't see my wife’s and my perspective. Our processor then told me that she didn't want to work me with anymore and that I should call her Supervisor tomorrow and get another processor. Also, our VA appraisal was completed on the 29th as well, we rcvd an email stating it was viewable, only to find out that it wasn’t released by the under writers yet and actually not viewable.


Feel free to join me tomorrow around 10am EST when I call Mrs. Brown (a supervisor) with an attempt to resolve this issue, yet again.


my husband and i both had a very simular exp with the mortage part of usaa. i hated not giving them our mortage especially after they had been so good to us with our other accounts.  however we use a competitor to purchase our home.  and usaa has a lot to learn about how to treat ppl for mortages.  from answer their phones and getting rid of those answering machines to just good customer service skills. at one point the person actually hung up the phone on me. ohhhhhh that just didnt sit well.  we litterally tried three times to give them our business with purchasing a home. they failed us each time with their antics.  good luck.

Well here is my update. I'm supposed to close on Tuesday, today is Thursday before the 4th Of July (Friday, Sat Sunday)... that leaves Monday (1 DAY TO GET IT RIGHT). Classic USAA and their stellar mortgage department and underwriters have 110% dropped the ball. Received a phone call today that the processor is calling in favors to make our mortgage go through... but it's not guaranteed. I cannot believe that this is happening. They have nonchalantly screwed with my life and caused a huge uproar. I have scheduled the movers and have everything all planned out next week. Thank you for not doing your job. If this department is "overworked" - you have MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS. Can't you hire more people? You can take your great reviews and shove them. You have completely stressed me out beyond any imaginable belief. Thank you for ruining my weekend. Hope you have a great home to go to at night fully knowing how much you have dropped the ball on my new home.


This is not the experience we want you to have with our Mortgage services. Please provide your member number and a number you can be reached at to [expired email]. We will put someone in contact with you as soon as possible to ensure we have everything we need to help your closure happen on time. Thank you.