Long term a home warranty will cost you much more than just getting something fixed. I have been in my house for two years, and I have filed the following with American Home Shield. The worst service I have ever experienced from a provider. 


1.) Pool - 3 separate occasions for heater and spa valve with no resolution for spa valve. Spa drains down after the pump cuts off. We can't run the spa with heat since it will not fill up correctly. Heat only works manually. Oh and don't forget to manually turn it off or you will heat your entire pool. Every time I pay to have AHS send someone out it cost $75 (x3). I finally paid a local company $125, and it was fixed in 1 hour. No more problems. So I am out a total of $350 plus my annual fee to American Home Shield, which is about $79 a month for having the service. 


2.) I submitted 3 (x$75) separate tickets for range leaking gas. Only one company called me to fix it and once I gave them the brand of the range they never called me back. I can only use half my range. Saving up to buy a new one. AHS denies responsibility for vendors not following up. 


3.) Dish Washer (Samsung) - It took 4 (x$75) separate service request before we could use the dishwasher. Service company replaced valve pumps and motherboard, but they cannot figure out the odd smell that makes our dishes smell like rotten eggs. The service company said the smell wasn't their problem, and AMS said the same. 


4.) I have had 4 (x$75) separate request for electrical issues. The most recent was a GFCI not resetting in the bathroom. The power is out in a quarter of our house. The company showed up for a second time today since they didn't have the right equipment the first time they arrived...and proceeded to tell me they need to cut the wall out to fix the issue and American Home Shield will not pay for the fix since it is in the wall. It wasn't in the wall originally. Once again $75 and two days taken from work with NO resolution. The problem is worse since speedy electric came out. I have had to schedule my own local company to come out.


Do your research on the home warranty companies. American Home Shield will rip you off. I have spent over 2000 dollars in the past year with no resolution and having to come out of pocket for my repairs. My warranty expires in 2 days, and it will be the happiest day of 2016 to tell them NO THANK YOU.