As a USAA Member and general contractor I say "get your homeowners insurance somewhere else!!"


I have been a USAA member for over a decade and after leaving the military and starting a remodeling company I have had the opportunity to help many families get their life back together after damages to their homes. I've dealt with MANY insurance companies.


The first time I did repairs for a client with USAA it was horrible! I thought it might be a fluke... those heartfelt commercials are so convincing on the radio right? "USAA was there for me!" etc. etc. etc.


I've done many claims for other people and they have gone smoothly and we've got the repairs completed for them... none of these clients had USAA.


Now I'm trying to get a client’s home back together months after a tree fell on it during Florence. It's a brand new home that is work $350+ and it has a tarp covering the multiple holes in the roof, gutters and siding are crushed, electrical wires hanging out of the soffit. A mess!


The “estimator” came up with numbers that will basically cover materials only! I’ve seen this with other insurance companies, but after I submit a quote detailing all the repairs the assessor didn’t see from the ground --  because I wasn’t too lazy to get out a ladder and look at the damage up close or go in the attic and look at the sun coming through the roof in 10 spots – they approve the quote and we get going. NOT USAA… they pass you to another wicket in the complicated bureaucratic machine.


I turned in a quote that is comparable to other houses I'm fixing in the area with similar damage. These other clients insurance company approved the quote and sent a check for the full amount and we are almost done with the repairs. NOT USAA! They said they "agree to reassess" and calls to the claims rep/estimator equal "oh i'm not actually your rep... but it's being assigned" ASIGNED? The damage was in September! It's December! Get these clients approved and let's get their life back together!






@n8sp, thank you for your membership and service.  I regret to hear about the experience you're having with the homeowners claim.  I want to get your situation reviewed as soon as possible.  Can you please send us a private message with the homeowner's name, phone number and claim number so we can locate the claim file?  Thanks ~ Robert.