Anyone ever have their mortgage application status still show "under review" when they closed? I ask this because that is what my status is showing and we are set to close on Tuesday. We were originally set to close this past Friday 9/2 and weren't too worried that it didn't show "clear to close" however, we were notified by the title agent an hour before closing that we were not able to close that day because USAA didn't give us final approval and wasn't wiring funds. Awesome. Our horrifically incompetent processor didn't even bother to contact us. NBD we're just homeless now. I'm not too confident we will actually close on Tuesday because the status online still says under review and no one at USAA cares or will answer my question.




We appreciate you posting in the Community. We also understand the importance of this matter. I have escalated your concerns for review and resolution. We will work diligently to ensure your questions are addressed.