I join the long list of USAA members who are disapointed/dissatisfed with USAA Mortgage Service.

As have many others, I've experienced the following: different answers to the same question, poor follow-up, no follow-up, or, in one case, too much follow-up: both e mail and snail mail for a minor issue! All along the way, I've had to listen to numerous sales pitches for other USAA products, such as home and car insurance and financial investments, which took a lot of my time. And now my USAA MasterCard bill says I have to pay for a mortgage application that is still not finalized.



This is disturbing, considering my 33+ years with USAA. Obviously, management in USAA need to follow this up and assist you to get this resolved.

However, you did not state how long your application has been pending?

Have you asked to speak with a manager in this area? Sometimes one must go above the first level of people to get issues resolved.

I wish you speedy resolution and hope you will keep the community abreast of what continues to unfold and when and if this is resolve, favorably or otherwise.

My husband and I are going through the same thing & have switched to a local lender because after being pre qualified and under contract the under writer declined us because my husband "job hopped" HE WAS DEPLOYED! You would think that with USAA being exclusive to military and their families we would see exceptions made for combat veterans. However that was not the case for us.


We are so sorry to hear about the service you received. While we cannot change what has already passed, we would like to make sure you are getting everything you need now. Please use this form and let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you


This is not the experience we would like you to have with our mortgage department. Please email us at [expired email] with your member number and details of your situation so we can get a mortgage specialist in contact with you. Thank You