Another insurance quote lower than USAA

Went online for a quote on homeowners coverage for a vacation property I own. I expected savings over my local State Farm agent. I was wrong. Better coverage for $200 less than USAA, so they got that business. It just reminded me of the time I had Geico quote my car insurance to see what happened and found out they were $600 less. All four cars now with Geico. Not sure whats going on at USAA, its not the company I started with more that 30 years ago. I suspect it may have something to do with overhead as I see a lot of expensive advertising and sponsorships

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I can understand. Cost can make a difference. In addition, response, in time of need, also makes a difference. My neighbor and I had a similar situation (his happened about 10 years later though). He had State Farm, and I had USAA. The supply line to the toilet in the master bedroom bursted, what a mess. We both had to have our master's flooding redone. In addition, I had to have the half bath flooring redone. His agent took weeks to investigate the claim. USAA used pictures and local quotes to process my claim. I had a check within a couple of weeks, to replace the flooring. However, the drying and investigating for water damage started within 2 days. To me, insurance is only good if it pays. So far, USAA gets an A.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience @G-11 . Happy 4th of July!

I’ve been with USAA for 33 years. Seems It’s become a computer making decisions. They lost, or abandoned the human side.

I'm saddened to hear you feel this way about your experience. We appreciate your 33 years of membership and value your feedback which will be shared appropriately. Is there a particular issue I can assist you with? ~Crystal 

206driver, we appreciate your feedback and it's disappointing that we weren't able to provide a satisfactory rate for your home and/or vehicles. We frequently review our rating factors and feedback from our members to remain competitively priced and lower rates when possible. I understand that's a big difference premium wise and can make a huge impact on the wallet. Were we able to review your coverages with you while quoting to ensure there were no differences with coverages or contracts? -Rachael