Another Disappointed USAA Mortgage customer !!!!

We will join the list of disappointed USAA mortgage customers.  After a great pre-qualification process, the loan moved to the next step, the loan processor.  That was the beginning of the issues.  The loan processor did not communicate with us or our realtor.  I received one voice mail and one email, nothing else in the 45 days.  She requested documents that we supplied but never acknowledged their receipt.  She did make sure I knew, in the only email she sent, that she would be out of the office for 5 days.  After emailing a manager, I received a bogus reply about being extremely busy towards month end.  I am not buying it.


Then after waiting in the dark as our close date approach, USAA failed to send the loan documents to the Title in a timely manner and the close was delayed from Friday to the following Monday, today actually.  Now I just received notice that USAA failed to send the wire to fund the loan in time for the deed to be recorded today.  According to the email sent to the Title company, the person responsible was only able to process 10 of 12 wires before the close deadline.  I am not sure why ours wasn't funded but I do believe that no one at USAA Mortgage has a clue as to what they are doing.  I would STAY AWAY and find another financial institution to process your loan.  I will not be using USAA for any other banking service.



Thank you for posting in Community. Our goal is to ensure that you are provided with a level of service that you’ve come to expect from USAA. This is not the experience we want for our members. We have escalated your concerns to a representative who will reach out to discuss this matter further.  We look forward to the opportunity in resolving this matter.