I am massively concerned and frustrated regarding an ongoing roof claim where you (USAA) have hired a third party adjuster in Allcat Claims to handle. I was never made aware that USAA hired out claims adjustment to the same firm that handles claims for Allstate and other notoriously difficlut to deal with insures in what appears to be a major cost cutting initiative in a catastrophically exposed area like Dallas.


To make matters worse I am not even able to contact USAA to discuss, you are telling me that I must deal with Allcat directly and their decision is final which goes against everything I have ever heard about USAAs superior customer service and desire to protect policyholders.


My experience with Allcat has been horrible to say the least and I need to escalte this within USAA and talk to someone who cares and has the ability to make decsion.


Let me know what I need to do to find an ear within the USAA organization please.




@dzad71, I apologize for the frustration you're having with the homeowners insurance claim.  We never want you to feel this way.  I asked a claims subject matter expert to research your claim situation along with following up with you.  They will be contacting you within 1 to 2 business days.  Thanks.  ~ Robert