All of Auto Accident Claim Information Has Disappeared

I was involved in an automobile accident in May 2014. It was not my fault. USAA quickly paid to fix my car and then paid for my medical bills. But a few months later they began to deny them. I am still injured, still seeking treatment and have had to pay for every new medical bill, and past medical bills that should have been paid by USAA, out of pocket.


Today I went back to the USAA website to look up some information about the claim. Everything thing is gone. All of the contact info, the payment info, all gone. I have been a member for over 20 years, their refusal of payment for my medical bills felt like a punch to the stomach, but this is just unbelievable.


I must disagree with USAA, they do not, in fact know how to serve.


 I would like to have access to my claim information back.




Good morning Liab,


Let me reach out to our claims partners and have an adjuster contact you to discuss your concerns related to your 2014 auto loss.

It's been 5 days. No contact was made by  USAA and the accident information is still gone.

LiaB - good morning. In reviewing your account, I show that since my acknowledgement of your social post back on 7/28/16, your claim request has been under review. I contacted the claims specialist current handling things again on your behalf and asked that they attempt to make contact with you today.  I do apologize for the delay.

6 days, contact has been made. Apparently although I had recently submitted a bill for payment, my claims account was closed, thus breaking the link to the Accident Claim infomation page. The page has now been re-established by a claims representative. He is working on finding a resolution to my other issues.