You can choose your own agent if they are on the "A-team" and gone through the training, like me.



1. Under normal circumstances you CAN NOT choose your own realtor agent when using the USAA Movers Advantage Program since individual realtor agents have to be "approved" by USAA, that is sign up for the USAA Movers Advantage Program and these "approvals" must be renewed from time to time so a particular realtor agent may be OK today, but a month from now they may not be.


2. That said, there may be a way you CAN INDIRECTLY choose your own realtor BEFORE you sign up for the USAA Movers Advantage Program.


  • Click on this Google Link here and then enter a {city} after last search term. The search results might reveal some realtors whom may be associated with USAA Movers Advantage Program that may or may not be currently associated with the program.

3. You might try this ALTERNATE SOLUTION, simply "cold call" a realtor of your choice in the city your interested in and simply ask them "Do you have any agents whom are associated with USAA Movers Advantage Program?".


4.  You also may try a "reference" from someone else you know whom used Movers Advantage. I was able to choose my own realtor because my Son used USAA Movers Advantage Program before me and I used his "reference" when I signed up for Movers Advantage. My realtor agent was great and I got a big check from Movers Advantage.


I hope I have helped.



I want to make this point very clear.


  1. When you call USAA Movers Advantage Program (as shown here) if you already know the name of a Realtor Agent whom works for a Realtor Company in the area when you are looking for a new home AND whom participates in the USAA Movers Advantage Program then YES you can have that Realtor Agent.

  2. When you call USAA Movers Advantage Program if you don't already have a Realtor Agent then you will be assigned one at random based upon the location of your new home searchs.

  3. If you are "randomly assigned a realtor agent" then NO you can not choose.

I hope this clearifies things.


It is paid by USAA. In simple terms, the selling/buying agent receives an easy client referral (you) so they are basically "forfeiting" some of their commission, but they receive easy leads. That's the short version, as it was explained to us.

I had mixed results with MA realtors.  We were starting to look for a future retirement home.  My plan was to start looking and if we found the right place, we'd have a weekend home for a while.  We wanted to stay in Texas and I several criteria, one being some proximity to a miliary installation.  We found place in an on-line search in Belton.  The realtor went out, looked at the property, and reported back promptly.  They house (beautiful 1870 farm house), but had a contract a week after it was listed.  I never heard another word from her, probably because we weren't in a hurry.  iI also was looking north of San Antonio.  i was assigned a realtor from Boerne.  Whlle she probalby just set a software program with our parameters, we received an email every week with potential properties.  She was at least doing something. 

My life changed in November when an job opporunity arose suddenly that would require relocating to Austin - San Antonio area.  I called her and she "ramped up'.  We still did our own culling with apps such as  Thanksgiving weekend, she scheduled viewings for four that we found plus another that she thought would fit our needs.  We loved the first house we saw, made an offer and started the process.  I had already been preapproved for a mortgage through USAA.  She was with us the entire way.  I couldn't have been more pleased with the service she provided.


Now on the selling end.  Because this had poppeed up suddenly, I had no idea what my exisitng home was worth.  i had a USAA MA realtor come out.  He showed up in a "Texas Realtor" t-shirt.  I am fine with business casual but this was unacceptable.  He had not done his homework and had pulled comps on my home, but did not realize there was a pasture as well.  I chose not to use him and asked for another realtor.   I had started my new job by then but my wife loved the second realtor.  She had really done her homework, pullled the right comps, and was aware of the expected growth in the area that should help my property value.


Sorry for the long post but, like anythng else this important, if you aren't 100% on board with the MA realtor, ask for another one.


On the MA rebate question, we closed on the purchase on Jan 9, and the rebate was deposited in my account on Jan 14.


Thank you for your helpful and descriptive post! Also, congratulations on your new job and new home!