I am curious whether you are able to choose your own agent if you participate in the Movers Advantage program?  Anyone able to do this or know how to find out which agents in your area are part of the program?


No, I did not have a great experience with mine.  We did receive the money quickly!

how long did it take after closing to recieve your money?



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  1. The USAA Movers Advantage Program pays gives you a Bonus Payment following the SALE of your old home and/or PURCHASE of your new home.

  2. The USAA Movers Advantage Bonus Payment is paid AFTER you CLOSE on your new (and/or old) property. Once USAA Movers Advantage has been advised you have closed they will process (send/deposit) your Bonus Payment.

  3. Expect a wait time of 7 to 10 business days following the closing on your new property to receive your Bonus Payment (sooner if you direct deposit into your USAA Checking Account or another bank checking account).

  4. My experience was CLOSED on 5/21/2013 and RECEIVED BONUS PAYMENT on 5/29/2013 (5 business days).

  5. More information about the USAA Movers Advantage Bonus Payment can be found here.

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I'm considering the movers advantage program..  Do you know how the bonus is paid?  Is it from USAA or the realtor?

When members receive a Bonus payment do you send them a W9 as well?

Hi Andrew! No, we do not issue a W9 for bonus payments. Thank you!

Be honest - the "Bonus" payment to home buyers/sellers is part of the 60% of the realtors commissions that were ripped from them.  Sadly I am a realtor and referred some friends to a realtor friend in the area they were looking to buy a house.  I just found out from the agent, the clients signed up for Movers Advantage and gave USAA Cartus program the referral as they were promised a kick back.  This agent worked extremely hard for these clients as she does all clients.   USAA did not refer the client to this agent, I did, but somehow they still feels entitled to the fee.  The agent now gets 40% of her typical commission, and out of that she must pay her broker, taxes, and oh, I will lose out on my referral fee as well.  Pretty sad USAA, I thought much higher of you.  



Thank you for reaching out in the Community. I understand your concerns regarding the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network. I have taken this opportunity to share your concerns with a colleague. They will reach out to discuss and address your concerns. Thank you for being a valued USAA member. ~Gus

I asked the same question to my advisor, and was told that you can chose your own agent. I don't think they can provide a list, but if you have a few in mind, you are able to call and check.