After 200+ years with USAA - we are now shopping for new insurance - not for a better price, but for a better company!

USAA called my Dad (A 60 year USAA member & Army Vet) and told him his recent homeowners insurance roof claim was denied for the third and final time and then when I sent them a message discussing my frustration & how heartbreaking it was to hear the disappointment in my Dad’s voice USAA had the gall to respond to me saying: they appreciate my feedback and that if my Dad wanted to, he could call back and talk to an agent about his claim. Call USAA back...?!? Why would I suggest to him to waste his time and energy contacting USAA at this point...?!?

My family and I would be much better served spending our time and energy looking for a different insurance company? After 200+ years with USAA, I think we’ve all been disappointed for the last time. We’re not searching for an insurance company to find a better price, we are searching for an insurance company to find a better company!



USAA is a useless company run by total and complete morons.

I won’t work with people if they use USAA.

Spread the Word!

USAA Sucks!