I wanted to take a few moments to share mine & my husbands recent experience with purchasing our 1st home. I decided to write on our experience because I, like most of you, have probably read some of the negative posts out there. I was frightened when we first ventured down the journey because of some of the stories. BUT our story couldn't be further from those. 1st, it started with our USAA picked COldwell Banker realtor Gene. Gene was fantastic!!! Never once did we feel pressured to make a decision. In fact, he talked us out of a couple of homes because they would have required so much work. I learned so much from Gene about what to look for in terms of structural damage and house layout for selling down the road. After a few week, we made an offer on a home and it was accepted. YAY!!!! Our experience then began with Stephanie, our mortgage processor. Stephanie too was FANTASTIC!!!! She kept us in the know along every step of the way. She returned every call and had an answer to every question we had... She even went on vacation right before closing but her manager handled everything and Stephanie followed up with us as soon as she returned. Lastly, i think the part that made me the happiest :)... We stuck to our original closing and are now proud homeowners. All this said, i would choose USAA any day and would suggest them to anyone. Thank y'all for once again proving how GREAT y'all are to do business with.


slwoods518 -

Thank you for sharing your experience.  I'm glad to hear our team took great care of you during the mortgage process. We believe our members deserve the best service and work hard to provide it.  Thanks you for your trust and membership.

Thank you - Celeste