Another frustating experience on the phone with customer service - should have been a simple 5 minute call, but after 3 phone calls that included one disconnection I got a great person who was able to answer my very simple question.  I knew it was simple question with a simple answer, but the search function within the website wasn't useful (confirmed by the website support group) and some customer service people just don't seem interested in helping, but in passing you along to the next person.


But on to the next issue I have - oh great, another new card from USAA - we already have 2 Visa cards that are BLUE and now our replacement ATM/debit card is BLUE when it used to be gray.  Was it really necessary to replace all of these cards?  We don't even use the debit piece of the card and we even have to write a note to USAA asking for permission to have our debit limit set to zero.  Why is that and why can't we just call and ask for it to be set to zero?  And please don't say it is to protect the member or USAA because I believe I can call and ask for an increase OVER the phone.  When I ask for our debit limit to be set to zero I am establishing a layer of protection for the joint checking account I share with my husband.  And even though I know that USAA "says that they protect the member 100%" in the case of debit card fraud, I am not so sure that is entirely true based on some members' stories on the Member Community Board.  


Yep it's late, I tired, and I am frustrated because a simple task took over 30 minutes - USAA you are not making life easier for your members. 




I think USAA hires their Customer Service Reps from the group that McDonalds doesn't.