I have been with the USAA sponsored ADT security system for years. This past year, due to my wife’s deteriorating health (she is terminally ill with Lou Gehrig’s disease), I signed up for the ADT Home Health Monitor. This past November, I had to move my wife to an assisted living facility and I no longer needed the Home Health Monitor system.


I called the USAA/ADT toll free number and requested that my home health monitor be cancelled. At that time I specifically told the representative NOT to cancel my alarm system. This past weekend I was reviewing my ADT billing for December and was confused. While there was no bill for the Home Health Monitoring, the bill for my alarm was $27.02, down from the usual $56.50 I normally pay.


I called ADT and they told me my alarm system was to be cancelled in early January. The people at ADT cancelled my alarm system despite my telling them not to. I told the representative to stop the cancellation but I am not sure of the outcome. A call to the ADT monitoring center this morning showed it was on track to be cancelled. As it was explained to me, request was made to stop the cancellation but I was told that this process normally takes five business days but the holidays it might normally take longer. The representative I spoke with assured me that my service would not be cancelled. I don’t believe them. This is their mistake and I am requesting USAA take an active interest in making sure this problem is corrected right the first time.



Thank you for your comment regarding ADT security monitoring. Due to the nature of your post, a service specialist would be in the best position to address your concern. As such, we ask that you please click here to provide us with additional detail and your member information. You can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722