One of the major factors in initially choosing ADT was USAA.  I had a service call scheduled after storms hit the Houston area Memorial Day weekend.  The problem was initially resolved but a week later returned.  When I called to report the problem I was told the first available service call was 3 weeks away.  Seriously, for a return call?!?!?  Fine.  At their mercy, I schedule a call.  I received an email confirmation.  No technician ever shows.  I schedule a second call, and because of their terrible 4-hour only time slots (8-12 or 12-5),I have to take an entire day off from work.  Once again, I receive an email confirming.  Once again, no one shows up.  This time when I call I was put on hold for almost 45 minutes, without resolution!  Even the phone company and cable company can you give better service!!!  As I need the problem fixed, and I am paying a fee and I have signed a contract, yet again I call to schedule an appointment.  I was put on hold for no less than 25 minutes before I could schedule the next disappointment.  I persevere and because I am valued customer and USAA member, magically a Saturday appoint is available - again weeks out - between 12-5pm.  For the third time, I receive an email confirmation and a recorded call confirming  my appointment time.  Halfway thru my appointed time I call to confirm a technician is still scheduled to arrive and ADT confirms.  When the technician does not arrive within the designated time, I call again.  Again, I am put on hold for another 25 minutes - only to be told that the technican should arrive sometine within the next 3 hours.


How is this acceptable in any terms?  TIme is money to most of us working folks.  The amount of time and money ADT has cost me is ridiculous!!  How do they continue to stay in business?!?!?! Pathetic.


You are better than this USAA!!!  Do you members a service and disassociate yourseft from ADT!



I had been leaning toward ADT for our home protection until I saw this post. Thank you for sharing KarenTx, I'll start looking at other options.

Yikes KarenTx!

I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I have passed along your comments and feedback about the service you received from ADT. Thank you for taking the time to post.

Did you look into Protection 1 Security Solutions? They seem like a betteer option than ADT. There is so much negative customer reporting about ADT that I am not even considering them. Protection 1 looks like a better deal and even has a self-install option. I am looking for feedback, before I commit. This shows up as the other USAA Home Security recommended Service.