Wow. Where to start? I am a looong term USAA member, and we have been ADT customers for about five years. Within the past two years, ADT has messed up our billing so badly that we (get this) have been mailing in a monthly $50 payment through our USAA automatic bill pay, and getting back a $50 check every month from ADT with a statement that we've overpaid them. Meanwhile, we receive billing statements that we owe hundreds of dollars! Our local rep has tried repeatedly to straighten it all out, to no avail. But it's worse than that...


We moved into a new home in late May. The rep signed us up to have an upgraded (Pulse) system installed in the new house. I agreed to pay half up-front by check, and be billed for the other half. Less than a month later, ADT (illegally) debited our USAA account for the FULL amount (triggering a few insufficient funds charges for us due to the unexpected hit for several hundred dollars) but never cashed the check I had written. Our rep scrambled to try and get it fixed which took another month.


Needless to say, I went online to remove our debit card information from our ADT account but did not find any evidence of it in there. When I called ADT, I was told that our debit card was on file (?!) When I asked to have it removed, I was told there was a written process I had to follow - which I did and got it done - but it's a little scary that I could not see from my online dashboard that ADT had our debit card information on file in our account with them. WTH?!  


And the beat goes on, five months later...our basic account information is still being confused with my mother-in-law's, who lives nearby. Now, apparently, she has gotten all of the credits that were issued to us by our rep because of all the problems we were having, and we're still being billed more than $300 a month. ADT is also still returning our $50 monthly payments. How insane is that? Our rep encouraged me to email an internal ADT billing "concierge" department to ask them to look into it, with cc: to her. Did that a month ago. They never responded.


Today, I called ADT to cancel our service. I was told I am responsible for a 3-year contract and they will be sending us a bill for 75% of that contract. If we don't pay it, our account will be sent to collections. I told them that I will be complaining to USAA, and I will be sending a complaint to the Attorney General's Office of the State of Texas.


Anyone else have to face cancelling an unfulfilled ADT contract due to their failures? Any tips on that? I cannot, in good conscience, honor that agreement. As I told the ADT "customer loyalty" rep on the phone today, I wholeheartedly believe that ADT has repeatedly violated their contract since its inception and therefore, we are not obligated.





Retired Journalist,


I’m sorry to hear about what happened and would like to have a specialist research your situation from the USAA end. There may be nothing USAA can do as this is done with ADT, however, it is good for USAA to have this information from you and to see if there is something that can be done. Please provide some additional details by clicking here and USAA will contact you soon. 



Thank you, Tara. I will update by week's end. Out of pocket until Friday morning. I appreciate the follow-up. Here's hoping for a more positive outcome!

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