We've had an ADT alarm system for many years and will always have a home alarm system. The peace of mind is fantastic, whether at home or away, you know that there is someone looking out for you in case of a number of hazards. However, I just learned that my alarm system batteries are no longer being replaced under my ADT contract through USAA. This is not a positive development, as ADT now uses a lot of the battery-powered devices to make things easier for their installers, while leaving us having to look at the ugly alarm boxes all over our doors and windows. But to find out WE are responsible for the replacement costs of their specialty batteries is not a good thing! Why would USAA agree to this bad deal for the members? ADT's fees have not gone down, their level of service has been declining over the years, and now USAA is allowing ADT to get out of one of the best features of the contract? Please tell me why we should be happy about this? I'm very UN-happy with this expensive situation that USAA has now stuck us with.




Thank you for sharing your comments here. I would like to get someone in touch with you to discuss this change and any customer service issues you are having. Please send us an email to socialmedia@usaa.com, along with the details you posted above and your member number. Someone will reach out to you directly. Thank you.

I just had the same aggravating discussion with ADT this morning at 2 AM when our alarm went off due to dead batteries in one of the armed zones. There are a few that are failing now as the batteries are near 10 years old. I was repeatedly told over the years that USAA members got FREE BATTERY REPLACEMENT on our systems as a USAA benefit from the ADT Partnership. This was the ONLY REASON I ALLOWED THE INSTALLER TO PUT THOSE BIG UGLY WIRELESS TRANSMITTER SENSORS ON ALL OF OUR WINDOWS AND DOORS, BECAUSE THE INSTALLER DIDN'T WANT TO HARD WIRE THE SMALL ONES IN PLACE IN OUR 30 ZONES BECAUSE IT WAS TOO MUCH WORK!!!!!! It will cost close to $300 for new battery replacement in all or our zones. This is NOT acceptable.



Thank you for reaching out in Community. I just wanted to let you know that your comment has been escalated and a representative will be reaching out to you. Thank you.

No one has called me yet.

That's too funny! WIthin LITERALLY 5 SECONDS of me posting I heard from the ADT Corporate Customer Relations Team. LOL They took care of the batteries with a free drop shipment; apparently the ADT reps that are declining free battery support to USAA Members went through some lackluster training. 

Dear AxEffects,

Thank you for keeping us updated. We are so glad to hear you were pleased with the outcome of the call from ADT! We look forward to your continued participation int he community! Have a great day!