A full proof way for USAA to make money without working for it.

My husband and I are purchasing a home. We started the loan application last September. We were supposed to close on December 17, 2019. Guess which day USAA Mortgage loan department opted to cancel our interest rate lock on, "December 16, 2019". Now they have extended the closing out to January 17, 2020 after my husband had already made arrangements to come home for the original closing date. He tried to cancel his leave but was told that everyone had already been reassigned to cover his being gone. So he is on his way home with no pay until after January 4th. Not the best thing to do when one needs every cent they have to pay movers, set up new utilities, etc. The Mortgage Loan department said we could pay an additional $650.00 to extend our rate for another 30 days. The only problem with that is there are 32 days between December 16, 2019 and January 17, 2020. I have jury duty and may miss the January closing so my husband will have to take more time off work to close for both of us with a temporary Power of Attorney. It's looking like neither of us will be able to make it to the new closing date. With what we have paid out so far to pay for everything, I'm am seriously regretting our decision to get a VA Loan through USAA.   


Oh my @DV92, this certainly isn't the experience we want any of our members to have, especially through what should be an exciting time, such as purchasing a home. I've submitted the details of your situation to a subject matter expert for review and follow up. Thank you. ~Holland

@DV92  - Go back to original documents that you signed with USAA - if they are the ones that caused the closing to be delayed then you have recourse to NOT pay extra for the rate to remain "Locked" - also stay on their case about keeping the originial closing date - our experience with them was also not very pleasant and they also changed our closing date to one that my husband was out of the country, but I just kept going up the ladder to get it done - also when we did our refinancing with USAA, if you walked away from this process we were told that you had to pay NOTHING to USAA especially if it was USAA that delayed the closing.  I don't know if this is still true.  

-5 points for spelling.  "Fool Proof". 

I believe USAA would try to work with you on this.