Hello, the below link is to an article "Tax Tips for Service Members and Their Families."




Although the publication date is December 2015 I found it on the USAA website today.  In the fourth bullet, it says "if you take a trip to search for a new home because of a military-directed move, those costs can be tax-deductible."


I am wondering if someone can show me some information or resources that can further explain when those costs would tax deductible. I realize USAA is not in the business of providing specific tax advice, however the IRS states that pre-move househunting expenses are non-deductible expenses in Pub 521.  How can I take advantage of this deduction without running afoul of the IRS?







Thank you for your inquiry regarding our article on tax tips. I will be happy to engage the appropriate team to take a look at your concerns. A member of our team will follow up with you as soon as possible. Thank you. - Rhonda

Nice catch. This is an error on our (or my!) part. I've contacted the right people to have the last sentence of the paragraph you referenced removed. Thanks -JJ