I am sad to read about the grievances. I have been a member for 26 years and try to use USAA for everything I do. I have 3 life insurance policies, 2 home owners insurance policies, 2 vehicles insured, one valuable property policy, a mortgage, and I had a savings account but I closed it last week and am searching for companies for the rest of my stuff.  Customer service is poor. I have called in...posted a grievance, closed my savings account....they don't care. 


Same here. They were such a great organization at one time. All good things...

Yet another of these complaints.  I've been with USAA for 30 some years now and I've had similar experiences in the last year or two.  

USAA if you're listening to us put your cards on the table and let us know when we can expect improvements and what caused these problems. 


I called the other day and someone at the bank didn't know what a DDA account was.   I explained it and now he does (and a TDA account too).   What is up in Texas and how can we help you help us regain the USAA we trusted?

I have been a member for over 30 years and had all of my financial dealings with USAA over the years. But the quality has declined significantly, and this last mortgage loan was an ordeal I never want to do again. The rates are no longer competitive for members, and there are no real incentives any more to continue being a loyal member. I have already moved two accounts to a credit union that already offers me more in the way of service, good rates, and longevity perks.


Dear KarmaSue,

I am terribly sorry to hear about your recent poor experiences. We would really appreciate the chance to collect further feedback from you so that we may begin to address some of the issues you are experiencing. A specialist will be in touch soon. We truly do appreciate your 30 year membership and look forward to speaking to you. Thank you

I assume that a call was made, but from a costumers view, should a call ever have been needed to be made from the start?

100% I’m on this track also.  It’s been about 12-14 yrs with these guys, but in the last 4 years... Bozos!  Time consuming, butworth the reduction in hassle to find and seek a new bank altogether.  My spouse and I are fed up of their bs and phone systems.  Hard to reach with 50+ buttons and phrases to say, just to get to a representative that’s eager to transfer a customer to a machine that hangs up saying “please, call back later”...  wtf people?

I totally agree that USAA has gone WAY down the tubes in the past few years- they used to be so amazing that I would tell anyone who listen. Now I no longer have a credit card with them since they screwed that up, and I no longer bank with them because they screwed that up. The bad part is they DO NOT CARE. I cannot believe I am doing this, but next is home owners and auto policies- I am getting quotes and probably switching. You cannot get a human on the phone with less than a 10 minute wait, and when you do get someone they don't know what the heck they are doing. Misinformation, no information, etc. etc. So frustrating. And sad. Best of luck, y'all! Please don't contact me, USAA, there is nothing you can do to fix things at this point. Just needed to vent.

Leave and never look back.  I predict that you will find a substantial savings for the home and auto insurance.  Additionally, the customer service will be significantly better with another company.  USAA used to be an automatice thing that you never worried about.  The rates were good and the customer service was great.  However, as you can see on these posts, USAA is just not the company they once were so don't rely on that in your decision to remain or leave USAA.  I left after 40 years with USAA.

Hello @J W E, if there are any questions or concerns I can assist you with please let me know. -Colleen