So I called USAA today to find out why my homeowners insurance has increased to $1877.50. In 2019 it was $1558.99. In 2018 it was $1247.99. I was informed that is because of insurance claims in my area as well as it would cost approximately $10,000 more to rebuild my home. So instead of $340,000 to rebuild my home it would be $350,000 to rebuild my house. So when I asked what area I was in that was affecting my rates so much I was informed that they did not know but I could look up online and try to find out what area I was in. I would like to know why my insurance for my home has increased over $600 in two years. There is no possible explanation that could possibly validate this increase. I am curious how many other people have watch their insurance rates climb like mine have. Well I may not like my congressman, I have contacted his office and requested that they look into the homeowners insurance rates of Maryland and especially homeowners in Maryland who are using USAA. I would recommend that everyone who has seen increases in their homeowners insurance over the past couple years also contact their congressman for their district and have them look into this. I know they just regular people complaining will do nothing but when a congressman becomes interested, especially with our Current state of affairs, that no big company wants this administration looking at them too closely. So if your insurance rates have increased I want to hear about it. And I suggest that you contact your congressman and complain like I have. The one thing that serving in the military taught me was that you always wanted odds on your side in a fight and there is no doubt that this is a fight.


Hi, @RayinMD. Thank you for your membership and sharing your experience with us. As fellow consumers, we can certainly understand your position and certainly would not want any member to feel this way about their membership or insurance solutions. Allow me to engage the appropriate area for further review and support on this for you. Thank you for hanging in there. ~ Steven

Hanging in there? Are you nuts? I have Already spoken to State Farm today and will be reaching out to other local companies over the next few days. I see a lot of promises to look into the increases but never any explanations posted by USAA employees. So many people get these stupid messages from USAA “support people” asking to be private messaged. I will Never send a private message because that is how USAA hides their bull answers. If it’s a legit reason then they shouldn’t be trying to hide their responses from everyone. On a good note, congressman Raskin’s office has already responded to my communication to his office. So we will see what I am Told from them. And I will Post their findings on here for everyone to see. <br><br>If you have nothing to hide then be transparent.

Just shop around.  USAA's homeowners insurance was never competitive in my area.  Now, the auto insurance is not competitive at all.  USAA's auto insurance is way overpriced and you can expect cost increases every six months.  You can avoid this by going with a company that offers 12 month auto insurance policies.  All of this appears to be due to a clear business decision made by the CEO and BOD to take USAA from a niche company that offered fantastic insurance rates and customer service that no other company could match to growth at all costs .  This has resulted in insurance products that are no longer priced competitively and rapidly declining customer service.  It looks like USAA may be too far gone to ever revert back to the company it once was.  This is just shameful.

So I get a phone call from a USAA rep. He didn’t have answers, he just told me that he would call me back in 2-3 days. It’s been 4 days and I have Had zero additional contact from USAA. I am not surprised in the least. I am done dealing with a greedy company. I will be spreading the word on the local military bases, VFW’s and American Legions when I visit them. Only way to make a big greedy company change is to hit them in their bank account. But I cant do this alone, everyone who is having increased insurance premiums needs to spread the word to local active military and veterans. It’s not fair that everyone is paying increases in insurance for other people’s claims. It’s the chance you take as an insurance company. You shouldn’t increase others premiums to keep your millions, if not billions of dollars a year profit margins.

@RayinMD We're certainly saddened to read you feel this way, but understand your position as fellow members and consumers of insurance products. Serving our members' financial security is of utmost importance to us. I do see your concerns were sent to the appropriate area for further review and support. Bear with me as I engage them. ~ Steven

Just a quick update. I have Had zero contact back from the USAA agent so far. I have an appointment with a rep from AMICA insurance today. If they beat the USAA rate I will Post their rate on here for all to see as well as all the other review sites online so everyone can see the difference in the rates.
So I had an insurance agent from another company stop by my house this morning and we spoke about homeowners insurance. I had him look over my original policy that was $1800 and then we looked over the new policy with a lower rate. She had a hard time comprehending why do USAA lowered my dwelling and my personal property protection When the two changes I authorized were to increase my deductible to $1000 and to remove the water back up and some pump overflow. She also could not understand why my credit and discounts Were decreased from almost $400 to $270. I tried calling USAA this morning I tried calling USAA this morning while she was here to speak to a supervisor. The first call they tried to switch me to the clown who has still not called me back like he was supposed to and it went to voicemail. The next call when I asked to speak to a supervisor the woman transferred me directly to the guys voicemail. Needless to say I was very aggravated but I called back one more time And this time I am supposedly going to receive a call back from a manager in 15 minutes when they come to work. I am sure more will follow