Hello @35yrmember we would hate to see you leave us after 35 years and we would be more than willing to look over your policy and ensure you are getting all the savings and discounts we have to offer. We can also ensure you are carrying the right level of coverage for the right level of risk so you are not paying for something you may not need. Please if you would give us a call at 1-800-531-8722 and when asked say "Homeowners" and an agent will be more than happy to review your policy and see how we can help with your rates. You can also click your homeowner’s policy and then click contact us and chat with a live agent. - Ralph  

Just recently my auto insurance rates jumped so high I have to strip my policy to afford it. No accidents or claims to justify the increase. In the the past three years my homeowners insurance policy is doing the same with no claims against the policy. It so sad that USAA used to have a reputation of taking care of service members and their families. Now it’s clearly the opposite. After around 20 years of loyalty, I feel taken advantage of. Sad day indeed.

Appreciate your membership @Gebona and do not want our members to feel this way and have shared your concerns and experience with the appropriate area. While I can't provide a specific time for being contacted we appreciate your patience while waiting for a response.  ~ Joseph

I had the same experience as you with constant rate increases!!  Purchased house in 2005, premimum was $550, fast forward to 2018, premium was nearly $1500.  This was the breaking point for me.  I switched to Farmers Ins. and premium dropped to $750.  Half the amount USAA was charging for same coverage.  Additioanlly, i had $4000 in USAA subcribers savings account, that I must wait 6months to receive!  I moved all of my insurance polices to Farmers: homeowners, rental propery, umbrella policy, 2 car policies.  I am now looking to move checking and savings to a credit union.  USAA is not the company it use to be!!!!

Best to do what you did and never look back.  Just say thank you to Stuart Parker for the savings you will receive by moving to a different company.

I am with you on this.  After having USAA for home insurance for 30 years with no claims they almost doubled my annual premium.  I went through inspection, appraisal etc to see why and they claim rebuilding costs had gone up.  A home that is appraised at $150,000 is rated at a $450,000 replacement cost which is out of sight for a rural area in Northern Michigan.  I had to leave USAA and get insurance from a local broker to get an affordable rate.  Because of the bundling discounts I took my Auto insurance to the new carrier also.  Been a member over 45 years and feel like the company is more focused on growing to be bigger and hiring more retired generals to be vice presidents, than being of service to its owners, the members.  I get tired of seeing all of the national advertising on TV including Super Bowl, which must cost a fortune.  Everyone needs to go premium shopping to make sure they are getting insurance for competitive rates, don't just assume that USAA is giving you the best premium.  I will say the few claims I had to make on auto damages were always handled promptly.  I am still a member and use banking and investment services.

@jyouper, I'm saddened to hear that you've taken your Home and Auto Insurance to other carriers. We truly value and appreciate your nearly 50 years of membership. I hope that you will give USAA the opportunity to be your insurance provider again in the very near future. We're always here to help and happy to provide you with quotes.  I will be sure to share your thoughts with our Subject Matter experts as well. ~ Shane

I just received my renewal quote and it includes a 25% increase even though we have never had a claim.  So I found a better deal with another company.  If USAA thinks they can increase premiums by such a rate without any explanation they deserve to lose customers like myself.

Hello @jetron, I certainly understand your concerns and appreciate you reaching out to us.  The cost of homeowners insurance is affected by many different factors from claims trends in your geographical location to increasing rates for labor and materials.  These are just some and if I can answer any additional concerns or questions about your policy, please don't hesitate reaching out to me in a Private Message.  Thank you for your membership and hope we may be able to assist you down the road. ~ Marco