20 year customer, nervous with service I'm getting

I am scheduled to close on a home Thursday. it is Tuesday evening and I have been calling USAA for 4 days now and emailing and have received absolutely no response. I had to learn where my title company was from my realtor. I had to call the title company to even confirm I am scheduled. they sent title information to usaa nearly two weeks ago and my loan processor gave me no update. i leave voicemails every day that go unanswered. one day left and i have no idea hiw much to wire to the title company. this is my fiances first exposure to usaa and she is mortified at the level of service we are receiving. I have so much lined up behind this, utilities, construction, yardwork, moving, and I'm nervous that I cant even close on time. my realtor has called, my title company has called, my fiance has called and irs like we do not exist. what is going on!?


Dear Tregnamb,

Thank you for posting. I have escalated your situation to our mortgage department and a specialist will be in touch soon. Thank you!

To finish the story, my closing was delayed two days, and the holiday weekend was between that, so a total of 5 days lost. Moving dates disrupted, babysitting plans ruined, utility install reschedules, vacation time burned at work, kids homework disrupted, hours of wasted time on the phone with multiple people, anxiety + embarrassment with the seller and his agent. Incredibly stressful. I can't even explain all that was wrong with this transaction because I'm so exasperated by the process. Much of the same as you see in other posts. I think USAA should close out the remaining transactions they are working and end this service completely for a time to retool and refocus on service.


I don't even feel like I bought a house right now, I feel more like I'm exhausted and deflated, scrambling to replan what needs to be done in order to move in. Once I get settled, I plan on a re-fi to move this mortgage somewhere else, and maybe banking services too - I haven't decided that yet.

Dear tregnabm,

I am truly sorry to hear about your disappointment and have again escalated your feedback. We would truly appreciate the opportunity to get further feedback about the things we could have done better and would be grateful if you could email them to us here at socialmedia@usaa.com so that we ensure a delay like this can be avoided in the future. Thank you again for taking the time to keep us updated here in the community.